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Fall Equipment Maintenance

It’s starting to get a little too cold outside to do your morning run, but you don’t want to quit your exercise routine. Time to get out the exercise equipment. If you’re like most of us then that means either you need to dig it out of the closet that it’s been stashed away in, or time to stop using it as a clothing rack. In order to get your equipment ready to go until spring comes and you dare venture back outdoors, here are a few tips and suggestions to get your exercise equipment back up and running at its best.

Did you store your equipment outside, in a shed, your garage, or a storage unit? If you answered yes to any of these, when you move your exercise equipment back inside, give it a few hours to warm up before you plug it in or try to use it. If it’s been cold and you immediately plug it in, the cold electronics warming up can create condensation and cause damage to the internal components.

Can you write “WASH ME” in the dust? Even if you can’t, it’s still a good idea to clean off your exercise equipment before using it. The dust that has collected can cause some premature wear on some of your moving parts. The best way to clean off your equipment is using a damp cloth to wipe all external surfaces. Never spray cleaners or liquids directly onto the console, or any other electronics.

During use and moving your equipment it’s not uncommon for some of the screws to loosen up a little bit. Before using your equipment, you should make sure that everything is tightened up. You should only need to go through the screws that you would have installed during the assembly of your exercise equipment. The best way to check this is by going through the assembly steps in your User’s Manual.

Give your exercise equipment a good once over. Look for anything that may have excessive wear. Do the bushings in the arms still fit tight? How does your walking belt look and feel? Make sure that if any of these parts are starting to wear that they are replaced, this will help ensure that your workouts go uninterrupted.

During the time that your exercise equipment isn’t being used, the lubricants that are used to help keep your equipment running smooth and quiet may have started to dry up. You will want to make sure that walking belts and pivot points are lubricated properly. The lubrication for your walking belt can be ordered through our Parts and Manuals section. You will also want to check the pivot points that you applied grease to during your assembly.


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