Finding Model and Serial Number

The model and serial number of your fitness equipment are some of the most important pieces of information needed if you ever need to contact our Customer Care department or if you are looking for parts or a manual online.



Finding this is simple, especially if you have your User’s Manual. If you do have your manual, look at the front cover. Toward the top left corner of the front cover of the manual it will have a picture of the location of the Serial Number Decal. The example picture here shows a possible location for a treadmill. Your User’s Manual will show the specific location for your exercise equipment
















In the event you have misplaced your manual, all is not lost. The serial number decal is placed in similar locations based on the type of equipment you own. In the video below it will show you the possible locations for these decals. These decals will always be found on the base frame section of each type of exercise equipment.


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